Carnivore Buffet


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Another trip to Yuba City. Crossing over the Feather River on the way to meet Roy at Sam's...again. We were just here the day before when we went to Colusa to eat at the Mexican place near the theater. It was a short ride yesterday, only about 130 miles. Today was around 260 miles.


Waiting to take off for Gold Country Buffet.
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Roy getting his chaps on after gassing up.


Roy on Hwy. 99 leaving Yuba City.


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The day started out nice and sunny.


Took off on a side street at the Welcome to Oroville sign.


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Passed a cemetery on this little side road.


Approaching Gold Country Casino.


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Roy in front of the casino. Still very nice out.


Waiting to go eat!


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I love my bike. It's paid off next month!


In the casino from the second floor.


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This was my first plate of food. Fried chicken, Sweet and Sour chicken, chicken quessedilla, flank steak, and bbq pork ribs. Not a veggie in site! The flank steak was really good this time.


My second plate. Enchilada, taco meat with nacho cheese sauce, flank steak, fried chicken, and chow mein. There are vegetables in the chow mein...I'm a vegetarian! :)


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Dessert. Low fat yogurt with strawberry topping, tapioca pudding, and I think, vanilla pudding.


Once we left the casino, the weather had turned cold and dark.


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We got rained on. Proof is on the windshield. Of course, it only lasted about 5 seconds.


It looked like it was raining over near the Sutter Buttes.


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On the road behind Beale AFB.


Big sweeping curve just behind Beale AFB. It was really green all around.


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Bear River on the way to Auburn.


Roy in front of the store he bought his bike from.


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My bike is almost paid off...time to get a new one. How about this Fat Boy?


Or this one? I really like this one and will probably get this one soon.


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Auburn City Hall? It was this cloudy the whole way home. Overall, a nice ride. Glad I got out since the weather is going to be wet and cold for the next two weeks! Oh, and I was kidding about getting a new bike. I love my bike!