Capay Valley


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What a beautiful weekend for a ride. Woke up Saturday morning with a plan to ride, but didn't know where I was going. After eating a quick lunch, I decided to head to Capay Valley and ride along Cache Creek. It was 193 miles of perfect riding weather.

This picture was taken when I stopped for a quick break in the parking lot of our old store.


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Took my bike on the route I would take to work...if I rode to work. Ended up riding along the river toward Woodland. Straight through Woodland and on to...


...Capay Valley. There was a "Fill the Boot" drive at the 4-way stop. My clutch hand was really tired. Passed through Esparto on my way toward Cache Creek Casino.


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Beautiful scenery along the way. Spring colors were just starting to bloom.


Took a small break to stretch my legs and get feeling back in to my butt-cheeks!


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Coming back in to the Sacramento Valley. All the trees were in bloom.


Approaching the Williams arch.


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Heading out of Williams, I noticed a new road. So I went down it and found the new Woodland Community College Colusa County Outreach Facility.


Hwy 20 had all these yellow flowers just outside of Colusa.
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View of the Sutter Buttes while crossing the Sutter Causeway. On Elkhorn Blvd, this guy was explaining something to this cop. The cop just stood there and listened. Not sure if he got a ticket or not.