Cache Creek Buffet


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Pictures of this type showed up all over Facebook on this day. The clouds made for some great pictures.


More clouds and a shot down the middle of the power lines.
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Right on target.


Brown vegetation all over. Riding through here in Spring is much more scenic.


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Approaching Cache Creek Casino. First plate, fried shrimp, bacon, fried chicken, pork ribs, General chicken, tartar sauce. One of my friends said my plate looked a bit "whimpy".


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Second plate, fried shrimp, broccoli beef over rice, baked chicken, beef stroganoff over fried rice, tartar sauce. This was my last plate before ice cream for dessert. My friend is right, these are whimpy plates of food. I used to be able to load them up and go back three times. Must be getting old.


Roy riding on Hwy 20.
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Look! Colusa has stoplights!!!!!


Crossing the Sacramento River just outside of Colusa.


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View of the Sutter Buttes from the river road. Old bridge on the way to the Sutter Buttes ended a 263 mile ride.