Cache Creek Lunch


Who's idea was it to go riding today!?!?!?!?! Geeeeez! Well, we all decided to meet in Yuba City at 10 am. Let the fog burn off a little. Hah! It was tough seeing through the windshield with all the moisture building up on it. Finally get to Yuba City, gas up, warm-up a little in Wal-Mart, then back on the road to Cache Creek Casino to meet Mom and Sharon for lunch. Took hwy 16 to Knight's Landing, then ended up at hwy 505. Went through Esparto and ended up at the casino around 11:40. Started eating at noon. Ate way too much, but it was great! On the way to Williams on hwy 16, the sun came out! We just had to stop and take some pics for proof. After we were on hwy 20 for a while, the fog came roaring back. Made it to Williams around 2:30. Got gas and split up from there. Roy went home, I went with Ed to Mom's and left from there around 3 pm, just in time for Sharon and Mom to come pulling up in the driveway. About a 220 mile ride for me today. I've been home for over an hour and my fingers are still numb and tingly! Oh, on the way home.....45 degrees and 85% humidity the whole way!

Got to the Sam's gas station. Wiped the bikes down a little before heading out.


Today is when an electric vest would come in handy! Bikes are filthy now!


Motorcycle parking at Cache Creek...the only way to go!


Too much tea at lunch!!!!


This is at the Cache Creek recreation area. Nice and warm.

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