Bridgetender Lunch


Total Miles = 271

Avg. MPG = 46

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $3.78

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Started out with an overcast day. Once I approached Grass Valley, the weather cleared up and got nice. Lots of other two-wheelers out today.


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New pavement on I-80 after a great ride on Hwy 20.


Met Ed at the Cisco Grove rest stop.


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Heading towards Donner Lake, passed a lot of bikes and rushing waters.


Lots of flowing water this time of year.


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Caught this cross-country skiier on the road.


Nobody in front of us.


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Approaching Donner Lake.


This guy had his dog pull him along Donner Lake Rd.


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Bridgetender in Tahoe City.


Met this nice couple out in the parking lot.


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Heading home after lunch, nobody in front of me...


...nobody behind me.


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Got gas in Grass Valley, and I hear my name. It's Spring! I haven't seen her since Deaf Awareness Day a couple of years before. Almost home, and it looks like a doggy got hurt. Good thing there were people to help.