Boozefighters Bike Blessing and Poker Run


Met up on this chilly, but beautiful Saturday morning at Sam's gas station in Yuba City.


After filling up on gas, we all headed over to Wal-Mart for breakfast.


We finished breakfast, then headed to Nevada City. These two nice ladies got us started in the registration process. The one on the left looks like Rene. (niece)


View of the parking lot. There was one vendor there. We got our bikes blessed, and then we were on our way.


See the guy standing in the middle of the parking lot? That's Ed, taking a picture of me!
Had to go and check out this old bridge. It was behind a gate, so we had to improvise and go around the the grass and dirt! Roy and I hung out around our bikes, checking out the bridge. Ed made a couple new friends. What are they doing over there???? :-)