Boozefighters Thanksgiving Feast


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Turkey time! Time for the annual Boozefighter's and Grandfather's turkey feed at the fairgrounds in Grass Valley. Just bring a can of food and a new, unwrapped toy and these good people will feed you a really good plate of turkey and all the trimmings. There was a band, raffle, and some really scary looking people. This guy on the right is the president of the club. Look closely...he's flipping me off!


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Met Edward and some others from Williams at the Wal-Mart in Yuba City. They had to stop and get a toy for the turkey feast. That's Jeff in the back there getting ready to head out.


Jeff in the lead with Ed close behind. We took off toward Grass Valley with clouds looming overhead. The weather was cool and crisp.
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Ernie and Steve behind me. Crossing over the Feather River. There wasn't much traffic out this morning and the roads were pretty clear all the way to Grass Valley.


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Here's Ernie's tank. He's got the whole skull theme going on. Just like Roy, he put a skull trailer hitch in between the jugs. His petcock also has a skull too.


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Santa and a little girl. The parking lot never really got packed. There were pine needles all over the place which made for a very slippery surface. This bike in front was still decked out for Halloween.


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Saw this woman (name badge said Didi) with these chaps. She was kind enough to let me take a close-up picture of them. The guns were cool. Her jacket and helmet matched too.


She even let me take this great shot of her butt! I was really just taking a pic of the back of her chaps....really!
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As you can see, not really crowded. The line moved along pretty quick and the food was well worth the wait. Even though I could only eat the turkey (stupid diet), the rest of the food looked really good and it was really hard not to eat the whole plate of food!


Is this one of the guys from ZZ Top?
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This woman had a purse in the shape of a monkey (Kind of like Oo) and this monkey has a pair of chaps on too. Her shirt was cool, but her daughter sitting next to her was so embarrassed. The mom was saying something about spanking her monkey when it was bad, and as her daughter got up to throw her plate away, she smacked her mom upside the back of the head!


Ed, Steve, and Jeff checking out the bikes in the lot.
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See, not too crowded. On the way home, I decided to stop by Roy and Joanne's house. This pic is on the way to their place. The clouds started to look like it was going to rain. It never did, but it sure made for a great pic. 160 miles for me today. Not a lot of riding, but it sure was a nice day.