Bok Kai 2006


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The only clear day in between 2 rainy days. This year's Bok Kai parade in Marysville was held on the perfect day. It was a bit cold on the bike, but it felt perfect walking around. We met at 2-Bits Cafe again for breakfast. My friend from work, Michele, met us and just loved that place. We both had Clara's Favorite omelet. Once we finished, Ed and I headed towards Marysville and found parking on the sidewalk in the Mervyn's parking lot. There weren't a lot of vendors here this year. Saw nothing I couldn't live without.
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Ed and I walked around and found the judges stand. Got this pic of Ed just before we went to the Temple.


A pic inside the temple. There was a lot smoke and food. It's very ornate and very beautiful inside.
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The wallpaper on the outside of the temple is starting to crack and separate.


This is Angie from my sign language classes.


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The start of the Bok Kai parade. Just a single gong and a lot of firecrackers.


Of course, the Shriners on updated scooters.


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These guys were in cool airplanes. I want one.


Miss Teen and her court.


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What's wrong with this picture? I have been in marching band since I was 10, and never once did I see any of our girls march in high heels!


This color guard was really nice to see.
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This dog looks like the dog from "The Mask" when he had the mask on. His head was so big for his body.


Hey, it's Becky and Allen! They were both riding on one of the floats in the parade.
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The finale. Lots of firecrackers at the end. Good think I wore earplugs.