Bok Kai Festival 2003


What a great weekend for a ride to the annual Bok Kai Festival in Marysville. Woke up early to clear skies, 42 degrees, and a bike ready to go. Met Roy in Auburn at the parking lot, then we headed to Grass Valley. After a quick stop at his house, we were on our way to Yuba City to meet Ed. Got to Yuba City at 10:00 and met Ed and Sharon. Got a quick bite to eat in the Wal-Mart McDonalds. Met my friend out in the parking lot. She showed up to give Sharon some back issues of the newspaper. I invited my friend to go with us to the festival, so I got my extra helmet out, threw her on the back, and we all rode to Marysville. The parade was a lot longer than it has been in previous years. We ate, watched the parade, then went to The Purple Hog leather store. Got my vest snap fixed, Roy got his V-Star patch sewn on, and I got a new pair of deerskin gloves. Took my friend back to her car, then headed home. Overall, a nice day with family and friends.

 Roy, me, Sharon, and Ed in the Sam's Club parking lot.

This is one of the few pictures of all 4 of us at a motorcycle event.


 This is in the Mervyn's parking lot in Marysville.


Roaming the streets, looking for food!


We ended up eating Lem's! This is Lem. The sign behind his head reads, "This ain't Burger'll eat it my way!


Big Lem's burgers were ok. Should have tried the ribs.



A Crystal Blue Miata!!!!


Glad I had ear plugs. This was a HUGE pack of firecrackers. Lots of smoke when it all finished.


Just before the big firecracker's went off, there were lots of little ones. Ed, Sharon, Roy, and I in front of the Temple. Ed was on the phone with Bob.