Asparagus Festival 2004


Deep fried asparagus. Mmmmmm. Woke up early to meet Ed and Bob at the McD's off of Pocket Rd. They showed up about 9:20am, and we were on our way to Stockton. It was already starting to get hot. I'm glad we decided to go early. Took the freeway all the way to the Hwy 4 turnoff. Talked to a nice motorcycle CHP guy that gave us directions to parking. This picture is a panoramic view of the entire festival at Weber Point.


Found parking about 2 blocks away from the main street. It was hot, out in the sun, but it was free.


Tab and I getting ready to go to the festival. Very warm already.
Bob getting his stuff packed up. How many times do you see him *without* a cigarette?!?!?!?


Ed and Bob. Bob needs to clean off the front of his bike! :)
While we were walking to the festival, we saw lot of parking in the shade. So Ed and Bob run back to the bikes and come back and park while Tab and I saved the spot! We didn't stay in the shade all day, but at least the bikes were there for a little bit of the morning.


Even at 11:00 am, there were people running in the fountains behind us. 92 degrees, hot pavement, and a ton of people, made for a very sweaty day. Ewwww!
Ed's gonna look like the guy in the monument in about 40 years!


Lots of people. This was just after we had our deep fried asparagus *burp*


Entrance to Weber Point. Food alley. This place was PACKED when we left. It was hard to make your way through the crowd.


This chopper is built off an old Honda 750 four. Taking a break in the shade. It was nice in the shade, but out in the sun was pretty miserable.


Tab, Ed, and Bob taking a nice break. Poor Oo (the cow), face down in the grass!


Tab and Oo taking a nap.
Here comes the King, here comes the King here comes the big number 1. Here comes the King, Budweiser beer the King is second to none.... (jingle from an old commercial)


Asparagus Alley. All the asparagus you could ever want, cooked in ways you could never imagine! These are the lines for deep fried asparagus.
Leaving the festival, we crossed the water. Felt a lot cooler over the water. Ducks and people playing in the water!


Got gas and headed for the Delta! Good thing Bob has that big windshield so his cigarette stays lit!


Riding down I-5. Tab got a little burned on her shoulders.


So did Bob.


Delta roads are MUCH more scenic.


Stopped off in Locke for a quick hydration break at...


...where else? Al the Wops! Good day for a ride and deep fried asparagus. A nice 150 mile day in the sun.