Asparagus Festival 2006



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Just got back from our honeymoon and decided to go to the Asparagus Festival. We came back from 85 degree weather to go riding in 60 degree weather! First stop was at Safeway for gas.


Had to use my Safeway card for Ed's discount.
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Then I had to use it for Roy's discount.


Coming in to Stockton on I-5. Traffic was pretty light all morning.


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We had to pay for parking ($5) and we parked across the street. There was no free parking anywhere close like there have been in years past. This is the line for the deep-fried asparagus. There was nobody in line at 11:00 am.


Here we are enjoying the healthy asparagus...battered and deep-fried!
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Food alley was kind of packed. It started filling up even more later on.


A lot of the vendors were at the back of the park. Not a lot here we couldn't live without.


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Tab and me with Eileen Javora from Channel 3 weather. She is very tiny in person and very friendly. We chatted a bit about our wedding and honeymoon.


This is Eileen Javora and Grace Lee. They all looked like they were having a lot of fun.
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These guys walking around on stilts was pretty cool.


Ed and Roy had to share a sandwich from the Lockeford Sausage place.


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Oo had a good time too.


The line for deep-fried asparagus got to be quite long later in the day.


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This group was really cool. Straight out of the 80's.


View of the festival from across the street.


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Heading down the delta roads.


Here's Roy coming across the bridge on the way to Locke.


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Ed trying to figure out where we are.


Nice day cruising along the river.


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This is the bridge coming in to Rio Vista. We got a bit lost and ended up on this bridge 4 times.


Finally made it to Locke.


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Edward found a bike just like his with a fairing and stereo system.


He talked for about 20 minutes with this lady about it. Same handlebars, grips, etc.


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Roy and I went looking around and found this sign


We found some back-alley access to some other streets.


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Ed is still looking at the other bikes. Tab is just nodding her head and smiling.


Click on this pic so you can see what we're pointing at. It's cute.


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Coming home, it started to get cloudy. Last picture of Roy before heading home. He got rained on pretty hard just after leaving our house. At least he got home safe. It was nice day for about a 160 mile ride. A little cold, but nice to be out on the bikes.