Almond Blossom Festival 2003


The Almond Blossom Festival in the Capay Valley. Ed went last year and told us we HAD to go this year. The weekend was approaching, and the threat of rain loomed over us. However, the weather cooperated and we had one of the best riding days this year! A little cold in the morning, but it was a perfect day for a ride. We all met in Yuba City at the Sam's gas station. Terry and I were the first to show up, then Tommy rolled in with his grandson, Brandon. Ed and Roy showed up soon after. Filled up with gas, then headed out to the festival in Esparto. The place was packed! Ran into a lot of old friends, and made some new ones. Ate a lot, walked a lot. Then we headed to Cache Creek Casino. Picked up another rider. Got to the casino and Tommy and Brandon took off for home, so we stopped in for a quick to-go order of bao's, then headed to Williams. Lost Terry on the way. He was way ahead of us and didn't understand that Ed was trying to tell him that we were taking the back roads to Williams. Luckily, I went to get gas, and Terry called. He was at the other gas station across the parking lot! Took him to Mom's, then we left for Yuba City, gassed up, then all headed home. A great day! Had 3 HD's, 1 Yamaha, and 2 Honda's. For me, it was about a 245 mile day.

In the parking lot of Sam's. That's Tommy, Roy, Terry, Brandon, and Ed.


Roy took his sweater off at Sam's. Thought it was too hot. We had to stop at this gas station in Zamora so he could put his sweater back on! Terry and I knew it was cold! :) Tommy, me, Brandon, Ed, Terry.


Finally found parking in Esparto. Brandon, Tommy, and Roy.


Terry and Ed must be talking about someone. "She does what????"
AJ's Saloon. This is where we ate bbq'ed pork ribs. Ed had to show the guy how to cut the ribs!


Ed, Bob, me, and Terry enjoying the sun, sounds, suds, and food!


Ed, Bob, Roy, and Terry show off their grub! Heavy machinery is always fascinating!