Lunch at Alimars


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Beautiful Friday at lunch. Fred and I met Terry and headed down Garden Hwy to go to lunch at Swabbie's.


I pulled in to Swabbie's, Fred and Terry missed it and kept going for a little ways.
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They finally made it back.


Decided to go eat down the road. Here's Fred's and my bike in the Alamar's parking lot.


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Terry parked under the tree.


Fred and Terry talking about the good ol' days.


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The river is open! :) Actually, it's just the entrance to Alamar's.


Lots of nice boats here.


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Here is where we ate.


Terry is pointing out one of the many boats he wants to buy.


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Here's my $10 lunch. It's a Wharf Burger, fries, and a diet coke.


Terry's $8.50 ham sandwich special.


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Fred's $10.50 salad.


Going back home along the river, Terry rides up along side of me on the wrong side of the street.


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We passed this on the way to lunch. This piece of farm equipment ran off the road...


...and wiped out that mailbox!


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Fred had to get gas. The sign in the background will be a good way to compare gas prices in the future. You know it's bad when it takes almost $15 to fill up a motorcycle!