2nd Degree Burn Run


Well...this was a motorcycle filled weekend. Saturday was the Easyriders show, Sunday was the Cache Creek lunch, and today was breakfast at Denny's with the possibility of a ride. Got up and met Terry at his house, then met Fred, Suzie, Sam, Tony, Jay, and Scott at Denny's for breakfast. We got on the road, minus Scott, around 11:00. Went down hwy 16 to Plymouth. Had to stop at that point to warm up. Everyone was wondering what the heck we were doing riding in 40 degree temperature! Some guy told us that sunshine was just 4 miles up the road. I wasn't taking any chances, so I thought I'd use the heat packs Roy gave me. What better time to try them....right? So I opened them up, and everyone thought they were great. Heated up right away. I thought I'd put them in my gloves to keep my hands warm. Well, they sure did the job! (See pics below) Stopped at mini-mart up on the Shenandoah Valley. I think it was in Sly Park. Beautiful weather. Then we ended up going through Placerville and stopped in Georgetown where we were immediately approached by a couple. Sean and Katrina wanted to know if someone would give her a ride. She was from Denmark and leaving the next day. She wanted to go on a motorcycle ride before she left. Perfect timing! Tony was the lucky SOB to take Katrina for a ride. They both had a GREAT time. After getting a bite to eat at the Georgetown Hotel, we headed down hwy 193 to Cool. Terry, Sam, and Tony went toward Auburn, Fred, Jay, Susie and I went to ride Salmon Falls Rd. Got home around 4:30. The sun felt great, the fog was lousy. Oh yeah, the blisters on my hand aren't that fun either! :)

This was in Plymouth. You can see it was really foggy and cold.


Just a few miles up the road in Sly Park. That's Tony, Jay, Fred, Terry, Sam, and Susie.


Our line of bikes in Georgetown. Just after I took this pic, Katrina sauntered over and got...


...a ride from Tony!
Tony and Katrina take off. Katrina and Sean. He was showing her around Georgetown before she left for Denmark.


Katrina on her ride!


What a great smile!!!!!


Yes, that's a blister on the top of my right hand. This is what a 2nd degree burn looks like! I put these in between my cotton gloves and my heavy leather gloves and they were only there for about 30 minutes. Do NOT put these inside your gloves. After I took them out of my gloves, inspected the 2nd degree, I put them in the inside pockets of my jacket. Perfect. Felt nice and warm, not scalding hot! Be careful!!!!!

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