21 Run 2005


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Had a great day running around the Sutter Buttes on our fourth 21 Run. Didn't do very well at our 21 hands, but we had a great time riding, chatting, and checking out all the people. It was kind of hot towards the end of the day, and after 222 miles, felt a little sunburnt. 


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On our way to Yuba City, we cross over this bridge. The weather was perfect in the morning. A little cool, but very sunny and clear.


Even though it was clear, it was a bit hazy. You can barely see the Sutter Buttes in this picture.
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After gassing up at Sam's, we finally arrive at the HD store. Even at 9:30 in the morning, Roy and Tab have shed the chaps and jackets. They moved the tables to the back side of the HD store. Plenty of room for eating and viewing the raffle prizes. Tab and Roy are waiting in line to register and play the first hand of 21. Roy busted...it was a sign of things to come for him.


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Last year, Dave lead our group and got us lost! So Bob and Dave are discussing this year's route. "Is it a left or a right out of the parking lot?"


Jeff and Ed finally arrive and get signed up for the run.
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Dave and Bob getting ready to take off...right after they finish their smokes.


Bob got a little visit from Denise before they took off. Bob's a happy camper.


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So as we were getting ready to leave, I was designated the leader since I had a navigator with me (Tab). She got designated PN (Permanent Navigator). I believe that's Ed, Roy, Steve, Jeff, and Barry behind us.


Traveling towards the Sutter Buttes, Tab got this great pic.
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Got to our first stop on our route. That's Tab, Ed, Jeff (behind Roy), Roy, Rich, and Steve.


Stopped at the Arco for the first stop. Lots of bikes. Good place to get something to drink.


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Here's Barry, Sam, Debbie, Dave, Ed, and Bob checking out Barry's bike. What kind of bike?


A Victory Hammer. 100 cubic inches, 6-speed overdrive.
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Ed and Steve wondering how to fix Steve's bike. Well, it was only a stuck brake light. Fixing it will probably require a special tool and a $100 labor charge!


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Dave ended up leading us to the next stop.


Dave, Bob, and someone else up above Brown's Valley.


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After our last stop before heading home, went down Hwy 20 towards Grass Valley.


Took the Hampton/Smartville road which runs behind Beale AFB.
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Ed, Roy, Rich, and Barry arriving back at the HD store for lunch. As you can see, there weren't as many people here as there were in previous years. There was plenty of seats available for lunch.


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Tab playing her last hand. She never busted once. I busted on my last hand. Ed and Jeff eating lunch. It was really hot sitting in the sun, but all the drinks were on ice, so it wasn't so bad.


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Debbie and Sam with their bottle of wine they won in the raffle. Here's Ed checking his raffle tickets. He won a gift certificate for a restaurant in Marysville.


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On the way home, we decided to stop off in Old Sac. Free motorcycle parking, and it was in the shade. Tab was wiped out after our run today and doing a little shopping in Old Sac. When we pulled up to this parking spot, we were the only ones there. This is my windshield when I got home. You can barely see the girl in the poster behind it! It's gonna take a steam cleaner to get all the bugs off. My windshield looks like Jeff's vest (he didn't have a windshield). Had a really good ride today with a bunch of nice people. Looking forward to next year.