21 Run 2004

aka. "Where the hell are we?" run


BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!! The weather was perfect, the food was excellent, and the company was fun. This was a great day for a 210 mile ride around the Sutter Buttes. This is the 3rd 21 Run the Ng brothers have gone on. Each time, the routes been a little different. This year, we did not make it up to the foothills. A little disappointed, but, we did get to ride all around the Sutter Buttes...unplanned...but I'll get to that soon. :)


Met Roy and Ed at the Sam's gas station, filled up, then headed straight to the Yuba City HD store. Got there, registered, and ran in to Ed Sugg. He's the man who is deaf that we met on the Casino Run. His wife, Julia, was in a bad accident a few months ago, so she decided to stay home. Since Tabitha is fluent in sign language, she and Ed got to chat a lot.


Here's Terry, trying to hide behind Tab. He showed up just a little bit before we got there, and after several phone calls, we finally met up.
Terry playing his first hand. He's insisting that she give him a 21!


Well, the look says it all. Terry didn't get what he wanted! Ed and Roy are trying to tell him that no matter how hard you beg, it never works!


Ed and Tabitha chatting and laughing about something. Ed showed us Julia's bike in the shop getting fixed up.


Met Cheryl Morrow and hubby before we took off. We ran into her at the Renegade Toy Run.
Got this sticker for Terry. One of the nicest guys I know, but also, the MOST politically incorrect person I know!


Dave on his Victory. He would end up leading us around on this run. Little did we know, he's a bit "follow-the-directions" challenged! :)


Here's Ed waiting for the rest of us to get ready.


Roy, Tabitha, Bob, and Ed getting ready.


On the way to the first stop, this crop duster flew right by us.


Dave, Ed, and Bob in line for their next hand.


Tab and Roy at the 3rd stop. See the Sutter Buttes in the background? We ended up going allllll the way around the back side to get to this stop. We kept passing all the others on the way to the 4th stop which headed back toward the Buttes. We got here, but we came in the back way!


Terry, Tab, and I. Just really glad we finally found it the right place. It was a really scenic drive, so it wasn't so bad we got lost.
Tab and I with the Buttes in the background. As long as we kept the Buttes on our right side, we knew we'd end up here....eventually! On our way to the 4th stop, we missed the road again! Dave is leading, then Ed, Terry, Ed, someone we picked up along the way. Roy, Tab and I are at the back...still lost!


Dave's mantra of the day: "It's not my fault!!!!!!" Really!!?!?!?!! Now we just have to get back to Yuba City. There are two routes, and we just decided to head straight down hwy 99 and get back for lunch.


Ed, Terry, Ed, and Tabitha trying to decide how to get back to lunch. Terry looks confused...as usual. ;-)


Ed, Roy, and Tabitha getting ready for lunch. Once we got back to the HD store, it got a bit warm sitting in the sun eating Casa Lupe food.


Went to Sharon's after filling up on gas. This is her backyard. Nice place to relax in the shade.


Roy, Tabitha, and Bill trying to figure what Sharon is talking about. "What labyrinth?" Or as Roy stated, "I must be dense!"


They gave away prizes in a raffle. You got one ticket for the run, then you could buy more if you wanted to. I didn't get any more tickets and figured that all you need is one ticket to win. Well, I won! I got this T-handle tool. It's SAE, so I'll only get to use it on the after-market stuff! Oh well, I won something! Tab and I got home around 4:45. A great ride around the Sutter Buttes today...lots of twisties. :-)