21 Run


This run was my first time I have ridden 2-up. Marj and I left early and went through Roseville to Hwy 65 to Yuba City. The ride there was a lot of fun. Bike handled just great 2-up. Marj is a wonderful passenger. It was also our first time using the Chatterbox in the intercom mode. It was fun being able to talk without having to turn your head around and yell! Got to the HD store in Yuba City and had free coffee and donuts! The actual ride was a lot of fun. Went all around and ended up coming back to the HD store for a great lunch.

Ed, Roy, and I after we arrived at the HD store in Yuba City.


Roy and Edward, just before we left for the ride.


Ed, Marj, and me. 


Roy, Marj, and me


Me and Marj after a great ride


What's this? A Yamaha V-Star and a Honda Shadow in front of the HD store??????? That's Roy leaning against the pillar. Must have to hold it up. It is a Harley store, you know. Everything can't work right all the time. :) That's Ed in front and Roy behind him. This is the curve around Ellis Lake in Yuba City heading towards the Carl's Jr.


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