21 Run

aka. The Break Down Run


What a great day. After all of the rain we've been having, I was looking forward to a nice weekend and a great day for riding. I met Ed and Roy at the Sam's gas station in Yuba City. Filled up, then parked my bike next to Ed's. We waited for Roy to get gas and then started getting our stuff together and BS'd for about 15 minutes. It was only then that I noticed that I hadn't turned my key to the off position. Didn't really think anything about it until after we came out of the Wal-Mart McDonald's. Jumped on our bikes, turn the key, hit the start button.....click click click click click. Yup, dead battery! So, a quick push and I was on my way. The HD store was only about a mile away, so I was worried that it wasn't enough time to charge the battery enough to start my bike again. Well, we registered, got donuts and coffee, figured out the map, then we were on our way...after another push start...in front of the HD store!!!! Well, at least I felt like I owned a Harley! Took off after another push and went to our first stop. Along the way, we had another bike following us the whole way. The scenery around the Sutter Buttes was fantastic. On our first stop, that's where we met Theresa and Paul. When we were ready to leave, Ed went to start his bike. Hit the start button....NOTHING!(it is a Harley, by the way!) Not even a click . Well, he was used to this, so he took his seat off, tightened up some electrical cables, and we were on our way. No problem with my bike starting. We didn't have any problems with our bikes after that. After 120 miles and about 4 hours, we were back at the HD store. We had hot dogs for lunch. Ed won a leatherman tool thing in the raffle. He'll be able to use that to fix his bike on the road! :-) Had a great ride with a lot of nice people. Ended up at Purple Hog to get my vest snaps fixed, then Ed and I rode back through the Sutter Buttes on the way home. For me, about a 275 mile weekend. This was great ride!

Just before leaving Yuba City HD. My battery is dead in this picture.


Taking a break at the 76 gas station, our last stop before heading back to Yuba City. Roy, Ed, me, Theresa, and Paul. Theresa and Paul are from West Sac.


Roy getting ready to make a phone call to the wife or kids. This was at the 3rd stop in Lake Oroville. After arriving back at the HD store, we all noticed this fire...or was it a just a Harley starting up!?!?! :-)